Monday, March 9, 2009

EBSQ Art of the Day

I'm honored to have had my work featured for EBSQ's Art of the Day on 03/07/2009. This particular work is titled "Groovy kind of Love." I have displayed this piece here before but since it has been honored, I feel like it needs to be displayed again. I am a huge rescue dog advocate (in my family, we own two) and this little guy just happens to be a rescue also. I donate a portion of my sales on Etsy to Last Chance Animal Rescue and Horses Haven in Howell Mi. You can read more about this EBSQ featured work and see each day's featured art here:
What is EBSQ?
EBSQ is a creative space that provides art marketing tools and serves as a hub for the self rep and indie artist community.
The theme for last week was Pastels.
A pastel is a stick of pure, ground pigment held together with a binder. Some prefer the more chalky soft or hard pastels. Some prefer oil pastels. All require practice, but in the right hands, pastels are a medium without peer.
Thank you EBSQ for including me in last week's featured art!

You can see most of my art in MY GALLERIES at: or view my slide shows to the right. You can purchase my illustrated children's book "The Harp Mouse Chooses Her Home: The Adventure Begins" by Diane E Dunn and the companion mouse puppet, prints and original art or request commissions and at the same time have 10% of your purchase donated to animal charities here:

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