Thursday, January 17, 2008

Amazing Face by Donna Grace!

I must say I have many personal favorites in my portfolio but I just LOVE illustrating animated expressions like this! I can just feel her pain! Thanks to her mommy for sending this one and providing me the pleasure of creating this portrait.

Thank you to everyone that bid in the last set of eBay charity auctions. I would like to especially thank my customers that went above and beyond helping with the .99 starting price charity auctions. Those people paid well over the final bidding price of their purchases to help the charities within those listings. I CANNOT THANK YOU ENOUGH, it's people like you that help to make the world a better place. You know who you are!!!

Charity donations are still in my eBay store but starting prices are up because I lost a large hunk of my hind quarters on many listed in the last batch. Please remember that at the end of the auction, 10% or $5.00 whichever is greater, goes to the charity listed, then eBay fees and pay pal fees must be paid after that. So as you can see, this is not a get rich quick (or or even slowly or at all) kind of auction, this is a helping another human being or animal in need kind of auction. They would appreciate your help...I PROMISE I appreciate it! I really, really do!!! Please browse my charity auctions (look for the little blue ribbons) here:

You can see most all of my portraits in MY GALLERIES at: or view my slide shows upper right.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Maniacal Mouser

Here's a little guy that is in desperate need of some play time. Check out my ebay listings for some other art prints you might enjoy here: and remember to look for the little blue ribbons, because those in particular will provide a percentage of the final auction price to a charity in need. Charities for animals AND people. Notice the starting can she do that you say? I can't, but if YOU bid high and bring that price up so I can KEEP donating, I will be able to KEEP listing at that ridiculously low starting price with NO reserve, so you can donate even more! See how that works? Vicious circle. Circle of life. Circle of hope. CIRCLE THIS WEBSITE so you can help! It won't hurt a bit and might even make you feel all warm and fuzzy. Now wouldn't that be nice?

You can see most all of my portraits in MY GALLERIES at: or view my slide shows upper right.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year 2008!

Well this is it...
The first day of the New Year just waiting for us to do something unique with it. The work here is from my "farcical folk art" series entitled "Sisters Social Sanctuary", it's kind of a collagey, mixed media-ish, conglomeration of fun stuff and a tribute to my sister that passed away from breast cancer in 2005. She'd like it, so do kind of reminds me of my girls. We used to laugh and laugh over stuff like this and things only we would understand...rightfully so, that's what sisters do eh?
I'll be doing some charity auctions this year for The Breast Cancer Foundation and also some animal charities of my choice through eBay. They are authorized by Mission Fish on eBay so you know your donations (and mine) will be going to legitimate organizations. Please help me help them, watch for the little blue ribbons next to the auctions that apply in my eBay store here:

Last night was an evening in for us. The holidays provided so many get togethers it just didn't seem right to venture out to another one on such a treacherous night. The snow started around dark or a little after and there's now about eight inches or more on the ground with more expected until noon (last I heard) although it looks as though it's down to a slight seasoning of snowflakes as of now. Fine by me, I loved being home last night watching the snow fall, the ball drop, that crazy guy that jumped the length of the stadium on a motorcycle, the champagne disappear, minus the part about worrying about any offspring having to make the hazardous drive home from work...she made it...she's safe. That's all that really matters in this new year to me. That my loved ones and my friends, well everyone really, can also enjoy the beauty of the snowfall and of life, from the safety of their windows or where ever they are and that everyone has a healthy and happy year ahead...oh yeah...and world peace. of 3pm there's over a
foot of snow on the ground,
more expected tonight.
(final snow total was 17inches)

This is one heel kickin' snowfall!

Does this blanket make
my butt look big?

Talk to the hoof...

I've got WINGS!!!
(I can't help but notice this photo
makes Reilly look like a hawk, the
very bird that tries to EAT her on
a daily basis!)

You can see most all of my portraits in MY GALLERIES at: or view my slide shows upper right.