Tuesday, March 30, 2010

IF ~ Rescue

No need to rescue these two!
They will always take care of each other!
~a peek of an illustration from
The Enchanted Tree of Crooked Lake to be released soon...
 written by Rachel Longhurst...and illustrated by meeeee!

When you purchase an item from MY STORE, 10% of your purchase price will be donated to my favorite animal charities; Last Chance Animal Rescue and Horses Haven, both in lower MI. Which charity the donation goes to, will depend on the item purchased and I will love you forever from the bottom of my little black heart. ...and even if you don't purchase anything from me, you can go to their site and make a donation! They deserve a chance too!

Have a seat in the sun with a sippy and browse through the pages of my website ArtQwerks


Debbie Clandening said...

Donna these guys are adorable.Your colors are so rich i really love the orange of the lifejackets.Lovely work.Awesome blog.

anil ks said...

..nice illo..i like your style..thanks for stopping by..

Paolo Puggioni said...

Hi Donna,

just stopping by and saying hello, Im new to the Children's illustrators blog ring and I was browsing the other members's websites, adding new feeds and so on..

Lovely artwork!

bye bye

theartofpuro said...

So true!Wonderful illo!

Beverly Zajac-Larsen said...

Donna Those are so Adorable and done so well! I can't wait to see all your new stuff!

Loni Edwards said...

Hi Donna! These two are adorable. Yes, they look like they can definitely take care of themselves! :)