Thursday, August 19, 2010

Milford Memories ~ Great Weekend!

One of the many customers that purchased one of the many different styles of T-shirts and paraphernalia sold at Milford Memories 2010 this past weekend. They were bringing them to my booth so I could sign them! I have more pictures to post and will do so soon. These photos are courtesy of Diane Dunn. (Thank you so much for everything Diane)

It's been a busy week since I've been back at work. I owe people prints too! Please be patient while I get those done, I have your names on the list and have not forgotten you! I've been working on portraits this week and I'm starting a new book too!

Thank you ALL for a fabulous weekend!

Diane Dunn (I just love her) and I signing Harp Mouse books at Milford Memories this past weekend. There were over 100 books sold over the entire weekend! The new Harp Mouse companion book will be out shortly! A TWO book set! We were hoping it would be here in time for MM but it didn't quite make it. Good things come to those who wait!

When you purchase an item from MY STORE, 10% of your purchase price will be donated to my favorite animal charities; Last Chance Animal Rescue and Horses Haven, both in lower MI. Which charity the donation goes to, will depend on the item purchased and I will love you forever from the bottom of my little black heart. ...and even if you don't purchase anything from me, you can go to their site and make a donation! These animals deserve a chance!

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travelingsuep said...

Congratulations on your successful weekend Donna

theartofpuro said...

Great weekend:)