Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Pom Nirvana

The end of 2008 was rather sad, what with the loss of some of our animal family members (Bunji and Buddy...see Dec 3rd entry below.) So the first thing we did for all of us for the holidays was rescue a sweet, sweet Pomeranian from Last Chance Rescue in Howell MI. His name is Zeus. He is the most adorable, most loving pup you'll ever know. He's to the far left in the still picture above, with my daughter Lauren and his new cousins Enzo and Reilly. Zeus spends his time with Lauren. They cannot be separated from each other for a New York minute and she has not even let me babysit him in fear that she just might not get him back (I dunno...that is, after all, a possibility!) Reilly (the sable Pom in the napping video) was having a little trouble getting over the loss of Bunji, our Sheltie that passed away before the holidays, so for her Christmas present, she received a little baby brother. His name is Enzo. He's the little black and white Pomeranian in both videos. We rescued him from Indian Creek Sanctuary just across the border in Ohio.
Reilly has always taken a liking to my husband Dean and does everything with him from splitting wood, to feeding horses, to riding the four wheeler and watching TV...traitor. No matter how I've tried to bribe her to love me the most she'll have no part of it, since she truly believes Dean to be her giant play toy. Play trumps snacks and cuddling. HOWEVER...Enzo, has decided that I am the cat's meow, the Pom's paradise, the doggie's delight and spends his every waking (and sleeping) moment with ME! HA!!! ...at least for now anyway...knock on wood...He's a cuddler, sleeping in my lap as I type, following me into the studio when I work, watching every move I make and even hangs on my every word (now there's something, nobody around here does THAT!) It looks as though 2009 is starting out as a good year for all of them, each with a loving place in his and her little world.

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