Friday, February 8, 2008

In Memory of Cody~06.15.1994 - 07.24.2006

I completed this portrait a few days ago. This Scottie's name is Cody and unfortunately he has now passed. His owner has kindly given me the following information on Cody and his breed. Cody's show name was Terrechien Terra Cotta. Terrechien was the breeders kennel name. It means "earth dog" in French, as a Scottie is a terrier that was bred to "go to earth" to kill vermin. He was very much a "red brindle" when he was younger, that is where the Terra Cotta comes in. Scotties are a thinking dog and if it does not make sense to them to do something, they dig in their little heels and just plain refuse. They are also extremely sensitive. It so upsets them to receive a harsh word. They are mostly one-man dogs, and pretty much like any other terrier, they will give their life for you. The owner's vet told her they are the only breed where their teeth actually go all the way to their throat and their canines are larger than a German Shepherd's. They are an uncanny, incredible dog and give their owner's their heart and soul. He is sorely missed by his family and friends.

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