Friday, February 13, 2009

ATC ACEO Trading Trend

I am a long standing member of the The Village Fine Arts Association in MI. I've just finished up my two year stint as president and look forward to spending more time painting, working on illustrating the children's books I have lined up and working with all the other volunteers on the creative events the VFAA holds for their members. At one of the upcoming VFAA meetings, there will be an ATC trade off, where artists can bring their Art Cards and trade them with each other. I have been creating these cards for quite some time now and selling them on Etsy, so I thought I would post one here for the looking. For those that don't know, Artist Trading Cards (or ATCs) are miniature works of art about the same size as baseball cards, they should measure 2.5 x 3.5 inches in size and be thin enough to fit inside standard card-collector pockets, sleeves or sheets. The ATC movement developed out of the mail art movement and was originated in Switzerland. The cards are usually traded or exchanged rather than sold. An offshoot (or kissing cousins) of Artist Trading Cards are the "Art Cards, Editions, and Originals" (ACEO). ACEOs originated when some artists began to create cards to sell, in addition to trading among themselves, which is only right because after all, we are starving aren't we? So there you go, now you know what they are and for those of you that will be at the VFAA/ATC meeting...get got some tradin' ta do!
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