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How it's hanging HERE...

ok...I'm a little late with this but for those of you that haven't seen it, here it is...

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Gannett grant pays for new art hanging system at Highland gallery
By Aileen Wingblad • STAFF WRITER • September 4, 2008

How's it hanging?

Just great, according to members of the Huron Valley Council for the Arts.
Thanks to the Gannett Foundation, the HVCA recently received a $2,120 grant for a system to hang paintings in the gallery. The system incorporates tracking and steel cables to secure paintings on the walls without damaging the plaster. The tracks are hidden by molding.
Protecting the plaster walls of the gallery was especially important since the HVCA gallery is in a historic building, explained Sybil Phelps, HVCA member.
"While we are honored to have this beautiful building, it poses some unique challenges. It has plaster walls, so we can't use screws or nails. We needed a system that is acceptable to artists as well as the historical society," she said. "This system provides us with a modern and efficient method to exhibit artwork while maintaining the historical integrity of our shared gallery space."
The system also has a safety feature that locks the paintings on to the cables, preventing theft. Phelps said that there were no concerns about people taking paintings in the past, but it's nice to now have the security option.
"We weren't worried about 'snatch and grab,' but we just wanted to be careful," she said.
HVCA member Dan Persinger installed the system last week.
The old system was difficult and time-consuming to work with, Phelps added. "We were fortunate no paintings ever fell down," she said.
Wendy Willihnganz, HVCA executive director, said the new system is "one that's going to hold up. And it's something that will really show off the pictures," she said. "We are so grateful to Gannett."
HVCA members Andrea Armstrong and Julie Millies applied for the Gannett Corporation Grant.
The Gannett Foundation is sponsored by the Gannett Company, Inc., which gives grants to organizations in communities where Gannett owns a newspaper or TV station.
Locally, Gannett owns the Milford Times.
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