Saturday, March 29, 2008

Groovy Kind of Love

Here's a soulful eyed sweetie just completed a few days back. Just look into those eyes. Check out my art prints for sale on Etsy here:

I've been so busy with exhibits and illustrations lately there's not been much time to post. The book goes to print at the end of April. That's the tentative date anyway unless the sky falls in the mean time. I can't wait to see it in print! There are two more in the works after that!

Spring is finally getting here..hopefully we have seen the last of the snow, I think we had the last three inches night before last. It's beautiful but this time of year it's time for it to GO! Today was sunny and beautiful and hopefully will stick around for awhile. Possibly 60's next week...wouldn't that be fabulous?! Almost time to get the horses out of hibernation and start riding again!

You can see most of my portraits and other art in MY GALLERIES at: or view my slide shows to the right.

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